It is the moment we’ve all been waiting for… The Great British Bake Off hits our screens again tonight (8pm BBC1)!

I’m sure I’m not alone in that watching the bake off always inspires me to make, and eat, a lot of cake. To get you all into the spirit I thought I’d share with you some of my own baking!

Triple chocolate revision procrastination cookies: turned out pretty flippin’ fantastic if I do say so myself! They didn’t last long! image2 BBC GoodFood Coconut and Lime loaf image3 And actually mine wasn’t too far from the recipe, doesn’t look too shabby and tasted unreal! image5 But thing’s dont’t always turn out so well…. A thin, crispy and wonky (yet still delicious) twist on a classic Victoria Sandwich image1 My boyfriends favourite thing I make is a raspberry and white chocolate cheesecake so for his last birthday I wanted to try the same flavours but as a cake. I found this recipe on Pinterest, slightly ambitious but thought I’d give it ago…. How hard could it be?? image4 Here it is! I actually ended up having to freeze it to stop the layers sliding off each other! Definitely a Pinterest fail! image6-1 Mum’s favourite is carrot cake so I thought I’d give this Jamie Oliver recipe a go for Mother’s day.. image7 The finished product!! And then it had to travel from London to my mum and dads house in Surrey, let’s just say the journey didn’t exactly do it any favours!! image8-1 I’m sure during this series I will be back creating in the kitchen but I think it’s safe to say I won’t be entering any time soon!

Here are the recipes if you want to give any of them ago.. And hopefully they turn out better for you!

Cookies (I just used normal plain flour)

Carrot cake

Vanilla raspberry cake (Looking back at the recipe I realised I didn’t bother buying gelatine and made a white chocolate ganache instead of the vanilla cream.. might have something to do with my disastrous result!!)

Coconut and lime drizzle cake 


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  1. Elly – you gave me such a laugh. I’m sure they tasted delicious. Maybe you should try savoury next time – ask your Dad’s help with curry?! Sarah x


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